Terms and Conditions

ALMARI360 is committed to making you feel even better about yourself and to create a change in the environment. We do, however, need to take a minute to go over the fine print of our rental agreement contract in order to make sure the rental experience is a win-win for everyone involved. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about the agreement, we are always happy to help!

1. Once rented, you are responsible for taking care of the item. You agree to treat each rental piece with care and respect. You will be held responsible for any loss, destruction or damage to the product beyond any regular wear and tear (small stains, rips, missing beads or buttons, broken zippers or any other minor damage covered by your $5 rental insurance). ALMARI360 reserves the right to determine whether damages exceed the regular wear and tear allowance. Should you choose not to purchase the $5 rental insurance you will be charged for any minor repairs needed upon return of the dress.

2. ALMARI360 reserves the right to determine whether damages exceed the regular wear and tear allowance.

2. Once you have made a booking you may switch to a different dress right up to your pick up date or prior to shipping. If the dress you switch to is of a higher value you will be required to pay the difference. If the dress you are switching to is of a lesser value we do not refund the difference, as we have reserved your original dress or item for you and it has not been available for anyone else to book. Please email us at almari360@gmail.com to change any bookings.

3. You may cancel your booking at any time up to the first day of your rental term, however to receive a full* refund you must cancel your booking more than 21 days (3 weeks) prior to the first day of your rental term. For cancellations made within 21 days of the first day of your rental term you will receive a store credit for a future rental, which has no expiry date. Please note we cannot issue refunds within the 21 day period before your rental is set to begin, only store credit. All refunds are subject to a $5 re-stocking fee. *Unfortunately refunds can not be applied to any cancellations due to events being cancelled because of COVID-19. Thank you for understanding and bearing with us during this difficult time.

4. In order to process your refund you must email us your original payment receipt and order number, as long as your booking is cancelled more than 21 days before your rental is set to begin. Store credit will be issued via email. 

5. If you have placed your order online without having tried it on and it does not fit upon arrival, notify us immediately (first day of your rental) and we will do our best to get a replacement dress out to you in time for your event; you will need to cover shipping costs as we hand measure all items. All refunds are subject to a $5 re-stocking fee.

6. Once you have cancelled your rental and obtained a store credit, a booking made with that store credit cannot then be cancelled for a refund. You may still switch to another dress, but any outstanding price difference will be charged.

7. Once you pick up, the item has been shipped, or receive your item it is considered rented for the time period agreed upon. Unfortunately if you choose not to wear it after you have picked it up we cannot refund / credit you for it.

8. Late returns are subject to a late fee charge of $30 per item per day and are strictly enforced, no exceptions. We base our business around scheduling and late returns prevent us from getting the item ready for the next renter in time. After 5 days you will be charged the full retail value of the item in addition to any applicable late fees.

9. Items being shipped back to us will only be subject to late fees if postmarked at a later date than agreed upon. You must return the dress on the last day of your rental- for example, if you are renting a dress for 4 days, the dress should be returned on the fourth day of the rental. You will not be charged any late fees due to carrier delays.

10. Please do not take the item to the dry cleaner. We handle the dry cleaning and it's included in the cost of the rental, so simply drop it back to us when you're finished with it.

11. No alterations are permitted on the dresses. Please do not alter the dresses. You will be liable for any seamstress fees to repair the alterations. We have already hand measured each outfit instead of simply giving general sizes to ensure a good fit. If you're still unsure, feel free to contact us. 

12. Any items returned stained or damaged beyond repair will be charged at full retail value, in addition to any rental fees already paid. Rental insurance does not cover loss of the item or irreparable damages, as we will need to replace the item and / or refund any future bookings for the item.

13. All refunds for any reason will have a conversion fee deducted from the refund (if it a US order) or will have any refund fees deducted for Canadian orders (maximum $5).

14. Bridal dresses CANNOT be returned for a refund unless given an exception by us in writing. 

15. By placing a rental order with us you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions contract. Please ask us if you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions. We can be reached at 647 824 3751 or via email at almari360rentals@gmail.com