Following Fashion Trends On A Budget

Staying up to date with fashion trends can be a little pricey. Not to mention South Asian clothes are costly. There are so many events in the year where you need nice Indian/Pakiatani clothes to look your best. You've got weddings, mehendis, dholkis, engagements, eid, Birthday parties, diwali, and family gatherings. With all these events it's hard to follow fashion trends on a budget. Fashion trends come in and out like a car trying to run a yellow light. There is no point in buying a pricey piece of clothing when it won't be in trend the next month.

To stay up to date with the south asian fashion trends on a budget you can rent a dress instead of buying it. From simple outfits for a family gathering to bridal wear ALMARI360 has got them all! We are a place where you can rent dresses online for all your events for a small fraction of the retail price. We have all the trendy styles and are constantly updating our inventory to make sure your almari is up to date.

Some 2020 fashion trends include lenghas, shararas, gararas, maxi dresses, etc. Why buy these trendy fashion clothes when they can be rented? It is an affordable way to make sure that you are always trending, not to mention that it is environmentally friendly too.

2700 liters of water are used just to make a cotton t-shirt and 10,000 liters are used to make a pair of jeans. 975.5 liters of water is needed for an average human to survive every year. Knowing that many people don't have water to drink throughout the year, using 2700 liters of water to manufacture a simple cotton shirt sounds insane - imagine the amount of water a long flowy desi dress consumes!  Buying a full South Asian suit likely uses thousands of liters of water. So why waste so much water? Instead of buying an expensive Pakistani/Indian outfit and wasting so much water you can rent it to help save your money and our environment.

Adding on, there are so many designer fashion trends that are in right now. Some include Republic Womenswear, Maria B, Sana Safinaz, Suffuse by Sana Yasir, etc. These designer pieces are trendy but can also be really pricey. Do you really want to purchase a $500 designer outfit that will be worn once and sit in the closet for future years to come? Probably not. You can rent designer dresses online from You can pick and choose what you want from the comfort of your home and get it shipped right to your front door. You can also book virtual appointments to see the dress that you want to rent and make sure it's exactly what you're looking for. Think of it as borrowing clothes from your best friend but instead of dialling your friend's number you type It's as simple as that.

To keep you safe during these unfortunate times we take care of dry cleaning, we steam every outfit at 200 degrees celsius and we disinfect the outfit with fabric disinfectant. We also self isolate your suit for 2 days. We've got it all covered. You can rent your lenghas, bridal wear, and formal collections Canada-wide. Are you in the US? Email us! We may be able to accommodate you!

We are an online dress rental site located in Toronto, Ontario. We can provide express shipping in Canada and same day shipping if you live in the GTA by emailing us at . We have got an endless collection waiting for you to rock them on the runway. If you want to look trendy on a budget for your next event, shop from and you won't regret it.